Talking About Summer Movies

Back in mid-2008, as part of a summer movie roundup for PiQ, we called upon our fellow film enthusiasts around the web to share their favorite summer movies and more importantly, what makes for a good escape during the summer doldrums. Now, nearly two years later, we’ve caught up with some of those same podcasters and found out what they’re looking forward to out of this year’s crop of movies.


For four years now, Michael Cummins and Tassoula Kokkoris have kept their boy-versus-girl banter going strong, attending film festivals and appearing on WNIN’s “Plugged In” show. And through it all, they still put the dialog with their listeners front and center. Here’s what Michael and Tassoula are looking forward to this summer:

Michael: “It’s too easy to pick Iron Man 2, though the trailer makes me all giddy. I’m more interested in Inception due to Christopher Nolan directing stars Leo, Joseph G-Levitt, Ellen Page, and Ken Watanabe. It could turn out brilliant like The Dark Knight or, er, not so brilliant like The Prestige. So finally, I suppose I’m most excited for the third entry in the Pixar Toy Story franchise. How will they keep the characters fresh? How much has the technology improved since we first met Buzz and Woody fifteen years ago?”

Tassoula: “The summer movie I’m looking forward to most is The American starring George Clooney. Not only will it be fun to watch him play a crafty assassin, it will be interesting to see how director Anton Corbijn (known for his artful photography of U2) will handle directing-against-type.”

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Host Adam Kempenaar continues his weekly podcast (also available on WBEZ Chicago Public Radio) with co-host Matty Robinson with their Top 5 lists, movie marathons and Massacre Theater segments. As they mark over five years of podcasting with their upcoming 300th episode, they’ve also made strides into the industry, including interviews with some of film’s notable personalities like Werner Herzog, Danny Boyle, Richard Linklater and Wes Anderson. Here Adam takes a minute to chime in with his pick for the summer:

Adam: “My most anticipated summer movie—and there’s not really a close second—is Inception. First off, you’ve got Christopher Nolan, and he’s directing a cast that reads like the 1927 Yankees lineup: Leonardo DiCaprio (my recent pick for top actor of the decade), Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine… And maybe what I love most is that I can’t remember the last time I saw a trailer and actually felt pleasantly teased by it rather than wishing I hadn’t just had every major plot point and great moment spoiled for me.”

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Worst Movie Ever

Our favorite video podcast of the bunch unfortunately stopped releasing new episodes nearly a year ago, but co-host and creator Ivan Kander tells us about his (and his co-host sister Jennie’s) summer pick:

Ivan: “The analytical/pretentious film critic in me would have to go with Chris Nolan’s Inception. I mean, with that cast and that director it’s hard not to get excited. Sure, I have no idea what it’s about, but hey, I think that’s part of the appeal. The fanboy/nerd in me would have to go with Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It’s tagline is an epic of epic epicness, for crying out loud!

“If you were to ask Jennie this same question, her answer would be Sex and City 2. Why? Because she’s a girl.”

While it seems that sibling rivalry is alive and well, Worst Movie Ever! is now long gone—but that doesn’t mean Ivan’s resting on his laurels. He’s gone on to become a contributor for Geekscape and also now writes, directs and produces his own short films under his Lucky 9 Studios banner.

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We certainly stand by the choice of Inception as a big contender this year, but how about you? What’s your most anticipated film of this summer?